Lake Taupo is the Southern Hemispheres largest lake and a major tourist & holiday destination for many New Zealanders / Australians and International travellers alike. Trout fishing, boating, skiing, mountain walks, thermal pools, vibrant cafes / restaurant and a vast array of hotels / motels/ backpackers make the Lake Taupo region an exciting holiday destination in both winter and summer. Visit the Tongariro National Park or walk the Tongariro crossing know as one of the worlds best one day walks.
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Welcome To Taupo -

the township of Taupo has a vibrant business center Taupo township is a thriving bustling community which is a regular holiday destination for New Zealanders and has become a must visit destination for overseas visitors.
The well laid out streets are designed to create a village feel and they are lined with cafés and quality shops; visitors regularly comment on the ambiance of the Taupo commercial centrer. At night the bars, restaurants and cafés come alive with people and lakeside dining is a popular feature of warm summer evenings.
Taupo has plenty of accommodation including luxury lodges, hotels, motels and camping grounds. Some of these can be found listed in our business directory.

The clean breathtaking environment that sets Taupo apart has also created a phenomenal surge in development as more and more people want to enjoy the relaxed sophisticated lifestyle of Taupo.

housing and retail development in taupo is in demand


View of lake Taupo looking south towards Turangi and the Tongariro National Park. Taupo first began to develop about 300,000 years ago with major eruptions over the years forming areas such as the Western Bays Shoreline. This area was formed in a huge 'bang' about 2,000 years ago which caused enormous dust clouds around the world as an area of about 20,000 square miles was erupted into the sky. The big bang that formed the lake itself was about 186 AD where 660 square kilometres of material was ejected - the effects being felt around the world. There are reports in China of the great Taupo eruption as were there reports within the Roman Empire of brilliant fiery sunsets.

Maori first migrated to New Zealand around the 13th century and found the lake with its thermal waters a great place to live. Followed by Europeans from around 1840.
During a period of civil unrest with some Maori tribes the Armed Constabulary took up residence in 1867 and many of them stayed on to help form the town.
During that time (about 1874/75 visitors travelling north would travel up the Wanganui river by paddle steamer and then by horse drawn coach to Tokaanu at the southern end of the Lake. Staying at the Tokaanu hotel before they travelled down the lake on a steamer boat. Travel via the lake continued well into the 1920's until a road was formed around the lake shore. Taupo township was first surveyed in 1877 and as the town slowly grew so did the commercial sector with the first shops appearing about 1876.

The Taupo District Council

The Taupo District Council is responsible for administrating most of the region. They have a website at you can refer to for any information.

Contact Information
Taupo District Council
72 Lake Terrace
Private Bag 2005
New Zealand
Telephone: +64-7 376 0899
Facsimile: +64-7 378 0118

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